Knowledge Diffusion

Knowledge Transfer to Society

The INCT-TA develops a project of scientific diffusion on different aspects of aquatic pollution and its consequence to the environmental and human health. The main objective of this project is to produce an educational program in science and diffusion of the knowledge to society in the scope of the aquatic toxicology.

To achieve the proposed objective, a TV program for scientific divulgation and knowledge diffusion was produced and transmitted by the FURG-TV and the TV station from partners Universities. Furthermore, material of scientific and knowledge diffusion was produced and recorded in DVD, which will be reproduced and freely distributed to public elementary and high schools in the influence area of the partners Universities.

Material produced contains actual knowledge on aquatic pollution and toxicology, different aspects of water resources conservation, as well as the routine of researchers working on the aquatic toxicology field. The TV program has a popular profile and consist of a series of six presentations of 30 min each. It was produced in five phases:

  • 1)Pre-production: research on the type and sequence of topics to be considered was performed. After identification of the topic related to the central theme, researchers developing activities on the topics related to those selected were contacted for a possible participation in the TV program.

  • 2)Production: this thphase was focused on the bibliographical search for a research of the theme. After that, external and studio recordings were scheduled with the researchers involved on the selected topics. The listing of topics selected and the script will be produced.

  • 3)Execution: This phase consisted of the program recording and external interviews with images, as well as recordings of studio interviews using two camera men, one image editor, one anchor, and invited researchers. Furthermore, topics and program openings, as well as audio were recorded in this phase.

  • 4)Post-production: edition of the material and/or images produced on the topics discussed, general revision of the program, final edition with opening and closing calls, external and studio recordings, and edition of other necessary material were performed in MINI DV and DVD.

  • 5)Exhibition: this last step consisted of the program exhibition through the scientific diffusion program of FURG-TV and other TV stations from partners Universities. Once the program was generated, it was copied in DVD and arranged in special box with the TV program characteristics.

The production and distribution of programs in DVD will be done in the following phases:

  • 1)Recording: The DVD recording phase will be performed along with the Post-production phase described above for the TV program.

  • 2)Media layout production and conditioning: In this phase, an exclusive layout for the media will be produced, involving all DVDs produced. The graphical layout of the DVD box and the media itself will be prepared and printed.

  • 3)Distribution to schools: DVDs produced will be distributed free of charge to high schools in the influence of area of the partners Universities.

Results, advancements and applications expected involve the possibility of teachers to illustrate classes, thus contributing for learning improvement and inducing creativity and experimentation on the scope of contents discussed in classes. Also, the TV program produced for knowledge diffusion will contribute to allow the whole society to have a better comprehension of the role of Science and Technology in the modern world. This will help to broad the population scientific and technological knowledge on the aspects related to aquatic toxicology. It is also expected that this program will stimulate curiosity, creativity and ability for innovation in people in general, but especially in young people from all social levels. This could contribute for a more interested generation of young in the carriers associated with science and technology.



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Environmental Education

Knowledge Transfer to Decision Makers

Considering that biomarkers in aquatic animals are adequate tools for the environmental monitoring and evaluation of water resources quality, mechanisms for transferring the generated technology (new biomarkers or adaptations from classic biomarkers) involve the diffusion and discussion of the results obtained by INCT-TA with the different Agencies and Secretariats involved in the environmental quality monitoring and regulation of contamination emissions in the aquatic ecosystem. They involve the National Agency for Water (ANA), National Council for Environment (CONAMA), Secretariats of Environment (city and state levels), State Agencies of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Environment. On top of the regulatory agencies, it is expected to promote exchange and discussion of information with other associations from the productive society such as fisherman, aquaculturist and industrial associations on the problematic associated with water resources contamination.

Meetings with decision-makers and representatives from the productive sector, as described above, are taking place during the INCT-TA annual meetings. These workshops are alternately held by the partners Universities. Furthermore, a National Congress of Aquatic Toxicology will take place at the end of the fifth year of INCT-TA program. During this Congress, INCT-TA researchers and government representatives will discuss a strategic plan to implement the use of biomarkers of aquatic contamination in the formulation of public politics regarding the conservation of freshwater and marine coastal resources in Brazil.



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